Building Persephone

The building process of making puppets is both an exciting process and a daunting one. The pros are using ones creativity and experimentation. But at times, the experimentation can lead to mess ups and time wasted which in this case 'time is precious.' 


However, in preparing for these setbacks, I began experimenting with heads, armatures& costumes, right away. This led to some very helpful lessons, discoveries, and take-aways.

First The Bones of Persephone, because what is an armature puppet without its armature bones?


  • A mix ⅛” & 1/16'' armature wire

This process used a combination of different materials and approaches

which resulted in making 3 different puppets and a variety of heads. Each Puppet moved me closer to making the exact one I wanted.

The Chosen Puppet

The structure of this armature puppet moved in a more freeing and dynamic way. It was a slight alteration to my original puppet design but used the same minimal materials of just wire and foam. I felt the lack of layers made it easier to manipulate.

For the body of my final puppet I decided to use a felting method which requires stabbing wool with a needle several times until it forms the desired shape. So far it's working out.

From there I secured the head and gave it some emotion by adding unbaked polymer clay for the mouth and eye lids.

Now for the hair!

The hair making process also required experimenting with a few different materials. When animating it is helpful for the hair to not move because it tends to look a bit crazy. Hair moving on its own can work but for this puppet I want to have full control over what moves and what doesn't. 

For the hair I used a combination of wool sliver and colored thread.

The sliver shaped the hair and the thread acted as strands 

Hands Hands Hands

The hands method for this puppet was a lengthy process that required many materials and steps but it had the absolute best results!


-1/16 armature wire

-Miliput for palm base

-Latex dipped thin foam or athletic wrap

-Latex final coating

Other Building

Set Building