MFA Visual Narrative

Visual Narrative MFA Thesis Film

School of Visual Arts

MFA Visual Narrative is a low-residency program that gives equal emphasis to creative writing and to visual art in all mediums. This merger of art and writing is a powerful tool that we think of as a whole new language. We call it Visual Writing. And our students are fluent. But fluent communication takes commitment and requires total immersion. It’s intense, it’s empowering and it gives new purpose to your creativity. You’ll find that the MFAVN is more than a graduate program; it’s a new way of seeing the world.

Developing the story


Persephone a middle aged woman who is packing up her mother's house after she has died.

In her experience with this grief she is finding it difficult to make a decision about what to do next? To leave or not to leave this memory palace.



Inspired by the Greek Myth of Persephone and Demeter

Persephone goddess of flowers and the seasons

Demeter, Persephone’s mother, goddess of vegetation and the fertility of the earth.



ART NOUVEAU (1890-1910)

The natural world was a central inspiration in Art Nouveau, manifested in diverse ways. Perhaps prompted by mass urban migration, Art Nouveau designers using stylised floral and organic forms to bring nature back to modern life. Crustaceans and dragonflies, orchids and irises, poppies and tulips: many flora and fauna appeared on Art Nouveau glassware, ceramics, interiors and in book illustrations.